Login: Our Customer Cafe


We have a lot of talented ladies out there who love to collaborate and share ideas.   This Group is the place for you!  So go grab some Starbucks and your favorite set of comfy slippers (the more outrageous the better! – you must were slippers to all of our events!) and sign in!

  • Click Here to Enter the Stampaloooza Cafe – Beware it’s a huge enabler!
    If you have not gotten an email to join (you have to be a customer) then sorry charlie this place is not for you… only customers can go here and get even more zany and creative ideas!

NOTE: If you are one of our Customers, please make sure you get into this forum because we post lots of ideas and Stampin’ and Scrapin’ events here.   We also post contests & challenges for all of you to try! Who knows you might win a set of stampin’ spots or watercolor crayons!

PS:  Marie has installed a e-spy cam (snicker snicker) to ensure you are wearing your craziest zaniest slippers… for those of you who are really concerned – just joking!  Technology is not quite there yet … but when it is… the Super Doooper Slipper e-Spy Cam will be instituted.  And violaters will have to wear a set of slippers that Marie picked out – and since she is a size 11 shoe (Yikes and double Yikes) – you have to wear them…because they will fit!  UGH! (No excuses!)

PSS: Did Marie tell you, in order to become a demonstrator you must own a pair of crazy zany slippers and wear them at all your Stampin’ Up! functions – this includes your workshops/stamp camps, Marie’s events and any Stampin’ Up! event… (snicker snicker she’s such a nerd…)

Copyright 2007 Stampaloooza Paper Art Studios


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