Our Gift Registry

Many customers have asked me to have a few special pages for a gift registry where they could log in and get a special person’s wish list.  When someone purchases from a person’s Gift Registry Listing, we shout  Zipdedoda! (ok I admit it’s corny but I needed a Z word – if you have any suggestions, bring ’em on!)

This is a free service where you can easily include Stampin’ Up! (everything in the current catalog and mini catalog and the domant list) and Stampaloooza Gift products (ie tShirts, Mugs, Aprons and/or Tiled Boxes) for any occasion (ie:wedding, baby, secret santa) for that Super Special Stamper (SSS) within a single online gift registry.  It is not automated – meaning I am the little hamster (or gerbel or squirrel or crazed teenage child (mine)) behind the moving parts that will update the Gift Registry Page.

Note:  Please check the listings – occasionaly I post a listing for a special charity cause such as breat cancer.   This listing is used to compile together a very special gift basket for someone in need.  Imagine how special you would feel if you received a wonderful gift basket with these products in it.  I contact local agencies to get on their vendor list.  From there I need your help in getting these wonderful products out to someone who is really hurting heartwise.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to see the faces of the recipients when they open their baskets!  These are setup as public gift registries where no password is required.

Active Gift Registries:

Closed Gift Registries:

  • None at this time

Here’s how it works:

  • I want to Setup A New Gift Registry
    You click here to setup a new Gift Registry which includes a your desired password.  This will ensure that you are viewing the right registry (wouldn’t want you to purchase gifts from the wrong person’s list – unless of course it’s mine!)  I then create a new password protected Gift Registry Entry overnight for you to view… (please allow me at least 1 nights notice!)
  • I want to View an Existing Gift Registry
    Simply click on the Gift Registry’s name and type the password assigned to the Gift Registry.  The Gift Registry’s page should display.
  • I want to Update an Existing Gift Registry
    You click here to update the items on the Gift Registry to simply remove/add items to the gift registry.  I then update your Gift Registry and then you can then view the updated Gift Registry Listing.
  • I want to Purchase items on an Existing Gift Registry
    You click here to purchase items on the Gift Registry.  I then update the Gift Registry to reflect what was purchased and then you can view the updated Gift Registry Listing.

Viola you now have a Gift Registry tailored just for you to bless someone with!

Example Gift Registry:

(please don’t buy me anything! unless of course you feel guilty about having such a nice demonstrator who does these things for you…eh…hmm… know anyone like that?  This is really my wish list… hey maybe my crazed teenage children might bless me with something nice for simply being such a great yellow cab/taxi service…)

Here’s an example of the webpage would will see when your guests login and view the Gift Registry you have setup:


If you have any suggestions – please oh please send them to me via the comment box below… right now this service is in it’s infancy…

Copyright 2007 Stampaloooza Paper Art Studios

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