Where’s Marie? What happened to Monograms?

Well… August and September were full of surprises for me. I am the mom of two very special vision impaired teenage children… and my daughter just entered high school and she needed a parent advocate to help her restructure her Section 504 plan.

With that being said – I decided to share my wealth of knowledge with other parents of special needs children. My children’s disability is very similar to ADD/ADHD but with a twist – they struggle with reading and comprehension. So I thought instead of fighting with the school system – why not negotiate and facilitate understanding – see each year I have to explain my children’s disabilities to new teachers and well let’s just say it’s a mixed bag – sometimes I have teachers who understand and sometimes I have teachers who have bought into a bunch of misconceptions that I have to undo…

So here’s the web site:

I decided to make this a place for both parents and teachers to learn about each other and maybe come to some type of consensus – implementing the IEP and Section 504 plans are hard and for a parent it is really confusing to keep up…  Also the website can be translated into the following languages: Spanish, Hindu, Russian and French… there’s a translate menu option on the right of the website…

Let me know what you think… monograms are coming in October!  Thanks for understanding and mostly being patient while I sort all this out with my daughter!

Enjoy and Happy Stamping… Cutting… Embossing… and Creating!

[ Traduire au Francais] [Traducir al Espanol]

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