Mr. Sock Monkey! He’s alive and well and Stampified!

Remember your little Sock Monkey friend that you carried everywhere you went.  He was there to cheer you up when you were sad, he was there to comfort you when you were sick and he always was ever so soft and cuddly… well….

Mr. Sock Monkey is alive! He's alive! and Stampified!

He’s baaaaack!  and he is the cutest little thing – and… he is one of Stampin’ Up!’s newest stamp sets for the Fall/Winter catalog…

Imagine the face of your friends and family when they see Mr. Sock Monkey Cards that you have created for them! 

I wish I could post a picture of each stamp in the set – but … I think I’ll keep that top secret until the catalog comes out!  But he is cute!

I have also decided to make Mr. Sock Monkey our official stamp camp mascot!  Oh Boy… it’s going to be a fun year… keep watching this blog to find other exciting sneak peeks for the Stampin’ Up! 2008-2009 year…

I am telling you now… you won’t be disappointed… if you cannot wait for another post…. contact me and I can fill you in a bit about other awesome products (like a scallop punch for edges of your cards…) that are coming up!

And yes I have ordered Mr. Sock Monkey and the scallop punch – and much more…

Happy Stampin

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