Happy Mother’s Day!

Wow – looking back 16 years to when I became a mother is an amazing walk through the past.  Such beautiful and wonderful memories and a whole lot of tears, prayer and hard work!  And I am blessed to say I loved watching how God molded and shaped me into the mom I am today… God sure did have his work cutout for him!

Thought I would share some wisdom and then a thought to make this Mother’s Day special:


Your teachings have great importance! What you teach guides your children when they walk and watches over them while they sleep.  Your instructions are lights for their lives and speak to them even when you aren’t there.  – Proverbs 6:20-23

Gosh do not be afraid to be different and teach your children the core values at a young age.  Remember this verse so that you can enjoy the teen years.  If you guide your children when they are young, they will remember and walk in the same light as yours.  Be gentle, be kind and loving and they will follow…

My children are 16 and 14 and I am enjoying the fruits of this verse… when things do not go well, and with children they do have their moments… just remember that if David could slay a giant with a slingshot – I can certainly slay whatever it is I am facing… It’s important to know that God is with us always – even when things look bleak and we just have to guide our slingshot (prayer) towards the giant we are facing…


Each day brings a new set of challenges to each mother.  Whether you have a beautiful child who is obedient or a prodigal, they too have a purpose in life and God will get them there… trust me I was a prodigal growing up (so hopefully this will give you hope!) When times are tough, faith is what we have to draw closer to God and faith is not something you get by giving up, but faith is something you get by remembering all the times when God blessed you.  Draw on those times during the tough times and your attitude will change for the better – you will be stronger and more peaceful – simply because you chose to remember the beautiful blessings of God instead of life’s disappointments.

Remember, yesterday’s God Moments are stones in the sling of faith for tomorrow’s giants. How you remember yesterday determines how you will live tomorrow.

I got this concept on Faith in the book God Moments by Aland D. Wright – it is a wonderful wonderful read and helps me remember how important attitude is and also how important capturing God’s blessings through scrapbooking are!

Enjoy your Mother’s Day and rejoice… Happy Stampin’…

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