Textured Leaves Tutorial


Oh my, Oh my – here’s a project or two that would make any friend or family member feel special and oh so easy!  Simply and easy… take the Stampin’ Up! Pick a Petal Classy Brass template and trace the scalloped circle onto a piece of cardstock and cut out, then decorate… these make really cute gift bag tags…

You can also trace the scalloped circle onto designer paper and cut out and fold in half to make a cute card topper… here’s some more ideas with the Stampin’ Up! Classy Brass Pick A Petal template:


The possibilities are endless with Stampin’ Up!’s classy brass tool… just think how many cool projects and scrapbook pages you could make…

Check out the above link for making textured leaves for your flowers… It’s simple:

  1. fold a green cardstock in half
  2. run the folded cardstock through the crimper
  3. cut a leaf pattern along the fold
  4. unfold leaf and voila
  5. a textured leaf to compliment your flower!

 Oh this is too neat! And easy!

Post your ideas here with how you can use the Pick a Petal Classy Brass…

Happy Stampin’…

Copyright 2007 Stampaloooza Paper Art Studios

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