Creative Cards – Priceless Mirror


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I just absolutely love this stamp set from Stampin’ Up!  It’s called Priceless and honestly you can with a little imagination come up with some really knock your socks off cards that are easy, quick and beautiful!  I also love the Classy Brass Priceless stencil – if you look closely you will notice that I outlined the heart!

So if you do have this stamp set, you’ll notice right away that the scrolly doodles on the right don’t exist as a stamp in the set, the one on the left does though!  So how did I do this?  I used a mirror imaging technique.  The mirror imaging technique allows you to stamp a reverse image of your stamp onto your cardstock… now you have a really neat WOW factor to your card.

There are many many techniques to reverse or mirror an image and each technique has a different texture and result:

  • Use a Special Stamp called an Image Reverser (best quality)
  • Use a Stampin’ Up! Rubber Brayer (best quality)
  • Use wax paper (lighter quality)

Here’s the directions to do the reversed image with a brayer:

  1. Ink a rubber stamp with ink or markers and place it rubber side up on a flat, padded surface.
  2. Roll a clean, dry rubber brayer over the rubber stamp, applying pressure carefully at the beginning and at the end.
  3. Position the roller so the entire image is showing above the starting point. Roll the brayer across the glossy paper, beginning and ending off the edge.
  4. ReInk the rubber stamp and using a stamp-a-ma-jig, stamp the image onto the imaging sheet.
  5. Position imaging sheet and stamp-a-ma-jig so that the image is exactly where you desire – for me I wanted a mirror effect so I place the image right next to the reversed image.
  6. Remove imaging sheet and position stamp in stamp-a-ma-jig and stamp image.
  7. Voila, you know have a reversed image that looks great!

Copyright 2007 Stampaloooza Paper Art Studios

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