:: About YOU!

What’s your stampin’ personality? Are you a…

  • Pretties Fanatic – Your card has so many Pretties flowers and brads on it, the postage alone to mail your cards could be a great downpayment on a home!
  • Embossing Diva – You spend hours embossing the name of your child on all their school supplies just so you can try out a new embossing powder!
  • Watercolor Wizard – Ahhh you like the finer things in life…Mozart… Monet… Stampin’ Up!
  • Stampin’ Chick – If it does not move, you stamp it. If it moves, you wait very patiently until it stops and then STAMP! it…
  • Ribbon Rockstar – Your cards are the talk of the town… and always in style… fancy ribbons, simple ribbons, ribbon originals… you got them all the day the new Stampin’ Up! Catalog came out!
  • Nearly Stampin’ Newbie – Your head spins at the thought of ordering from the Stampin’ Up! Catalog – where do you start? what do you get? what is a wild wasabi again?

So proudly post your personality at our site and attach your best card that matches your personality! It’s fun and will make life more interesting when you visit us…

Tell us your Stampin’ Personality – and we’ll put you on our newsletter list!

Happy Stampin’ and Enjoy your e-visit…!


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