Money Saving Tip – Magnetic Layout Board

Board Dude - $12.99 Target

Do yourself a favor, make laying out cards and scrapbooks a breeze with a Magnetic Layout Board.   You can make this one yourself for under $17.00 – all you need is a magnetic board (board dudes) and some super strong magnets (office supply store).

Hang it up on the wall when you are not using it!  Makes for some interesting conversations – but also allows you the flexibility to move embellishments/ pictures and matting around until you are satisfied.

If you notice in the picture my board is larger than the 12×12 paper so that I can have all kinds of embellishments around the outside of the 12×12 and then begin to piece together a layout.

These magnetic boards come in all kinds of sizes, now I can layout a project and quickly put it away (or hang on wall) when I need to walk away for a bit…  when I come back to the project, everything is in place how I left it.

I also create all my embellishments with copy paper first and then when I finally decide on a layout I like, I then get the good stuff out!  This saves me time on cutting up my precious cardstock and then not using the embellishment I created.

Copyright 2007 Stampaloooza Paper Art Studios

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