Sensational Scrapbook Pages … Begin with the Camera

Warning!: The sweet sleepy cat turns into Gizmo when you drop microbeads on the kitchen floor!

Sensational Scrapbook Pages begin with the camera… what your camera sees through the lens and how it is able to capture action shots (a child’s first slam dunk at a basketball game), fine details of close ups (the beautifully soft hair on a babies cheek) or a wide angle (the massiveness of the Grand Canyon) will determine how much your scrapbook page will have that super special “wow” effect on a person.

Not all cameras are made alike… but the simplicity of a digital camera – for posting pictures online at your blogs, for getting them on photo paper or more importantly for reviewing the shot before the scene/photo subject is gone… the digital camera certainly makes getting the perfect shot much much easier.

For me, I prefer a digital camera that can do all the above without me having to putz around with the settings – I just simply want to zoom in/ zoom out and point and click and have the camera magically adjust the settings based on lighting. Sometimes I do however want to play with the settings myself (and have that wonderful reset back to factory settings button there in case I really screw up!)…

The camera I purchased was a medium range camera in price, but it delivers more than my old high end digital ever did… the camera is a Sony Cybershot – DSC-H2

It is the most wonderful camera I ever had and the neat thing is I can use it now at my novice state and grow into learning how to set things up myself.

Here’s a few websites that hopefully will inspire you and help you learn digital photography and how to setup that “perfect” shot:

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  1. July 19, 2007 at 5:33 am

    The cute sleepy cat in the picture is not aware of all the ruckus on the bird picture… if she was aware… she’d turn into Gizmo cat… or worse yet Stripes (from the movie Gremlins… highly funny!) And no I will not let the cute sleepy cat watch the movie Gremlins … she doesn’t need any help with ideas for havoc…

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