Scrappy Slippers – Getting a Face Lift

Any of you who attend my Stampin’/Scrapin’ events know that I come with the zaniest craziest slippers – a furry leapord print of sorts… full of glitter and scraps…

Well… I thought about it and I decided to dye them Wild Wasabi color.  Anyone know where I can get fabric dye to match Stampin’ Up!s newest In Colors: Wild Wasabi and Purely Pomegranate?

My zaniest craziest slippers are hiding from me right now!  I’ll post a picture here as soon as my zaniest craziest slippers take the plunge!

In all fairness – I am also going to dye Stampin’ Up’s new very vanilla Taffeta Ribbon Purely Pomegranate and attach a real cute bow on each slipper…

By the way – I am a size 11 so these should look great on my petite feet!

In computer/geek lingo we call this an upgrade!

Copyright 2007 Stampaloooza Paper Art Studios

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