Staying Organized – Scrapbooking Supplies Oh My!

Oh My! is right… as you get into this wonderfully creative hobby, you’ll start to accumulate all kinds of tools and supplies.  Make your life easy – buy two of these organizational units – you will NOT be sorry…  I have all my supplies organized by type – punches – large, punches – small, embossing, coloring (watercolor wonder crayons/ watercolor pencils/ Stampin’ Pastels), adhesives, hardware (hodgepodge hardware, brads, eyelets) in each bin.  Now this little unit organizes me and don’t worry if you cannot fill a bin – if you love this hobby as much as I do, over time I guarantee you will.  I remember starting out and my bins looked pretty empty – but over time I filled them!

 The best part about this scrapbooking organizational tool is the bins are really locking containers that hold pretty much anything… I have a few that store my scrapbooking projects.  Now when I want to work on something, I just pull out the drawer (which really is a locking container) and craft away.  If I want the whole unit next to me, I just simply roll it where I am working.  Now how cool is that?

Now the other thing that really rocks about this unit is the top of the unit has a few places to put things – the long area will store – yep you guessed it – Stampin’ Up!’s Portable and Lightweight Paper Cutter – Product Number: 104152.  It’s a perfect fit.

If you click on the picture you can go to the The Container Store to take a more closer look at this nifty item.  These are the best investment (outside of Stampin’ Up!) that I have found in a long long time…

Of course, this unit only works if you discipline yourself and put BACK the stuff you took OUT!  So there is a website called to help you get your mindset into getting organized.  Yes the Fly Lady Rocks!

Please Note:

It’s not very often that I recommend products outside of Stampin’ Up!  In fact I really do not advocate buying outside of Stampin’ Up! mainly because Stampin’ Up!’s quality is the best out there.  Anything else ends up making the projects I create look cheap or falls apart quickly.

But there are times where Stampin’ Up! does not offer a certain product and that’s when I make suggestions that help my customers save money.

Copyright 2007 Stampaloooza Paper Art Studios

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