Stampaloooza News – Zipadedoda! Gift Registry – Beta

A lot of my customers have been asking me to put something together that would help them keep wish lists.  So Voila – Stamplaoooza Paper Art Studio now has a Gift Registry where you can enter your wish list and have your friends and family view it and update it when they purchase something for the wish list.

What’s the Zipadedoda about?  Well, to be honest it’s kinda geeky – but I needed a Z word to ensure this item goes to the bottom of my webpage menu… but also when you recieve a gift doesn’t add a zip to your walk a dedoda to your heart and somehow you smile all day long – this is what this service is about – blessing others!  If you have a better word – suggest one!

I am also using the Gift Registry as a way to help my customers donate to charity events that are held in the Northshore Illinois Area.  We have a lot of need here because we have a lot of hurting people that I just desire to bless.  Highland Park Public School Charity events, Breast Cancer, the Fort Sheridan base to name a few…  I’ll keep you posted when I create a charity event gift registry…

Any hoot – you can find the Gift Registry Links on the menu to the right – if you could – check it out and please provide ideas and thoughts as to how to make this better.

Note: Keep in mind that I am still thinking through and designing this a bit and this is purely Stampaloooza Paper Art Studio e-service.

Copyright 2007 Stampaloooza Paper Art Studios

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