Money Saving Tip – Make Your Ink Pads Last Longer

Ever go to your favorite stampin’ nook with a long awaited paper craft project to start and get all comfy only to find that your favorite ink pad or marker is dried up?  This usually happens to me when it is very late at night!  UGH#&^@! Instead of throwing away your dried up ink pad, you can bring it back to life by using this amazingly nifty little product:

Perfect Ink Refresher.

  • Usage

  • It is used to rehydrate dye based ink pads (Stampin’ Up! Classic stamp pads only) and water based markers (Stampin’ Write markers only) without adding more color and It’s acid free! It actually conditions your ink pad to boot!

This product is definitely something every stamper should have in their toolkit!  Hope this helps!  Post a comment to this thread to let me know if you tried this and had success!

  • Cost

It costs about $4.00 USD to $5.00 USD for 4 fl oz spray.


  • Be careful on the rainbow pads though, I am hearing it causes the colors to muddy together a bit. 😦
  • Remember this is for dye based and water based inks only.  Pigment inks (Craft Stampin’ Pads) and Archival based inks (StaZon) should not be used with this product.

Please Note:

It’s not very often that I recommend products outside of Stampin’ Up!  In fact I really do not advocate buying outside of Stampin’ Up! mainly because Stampin’ Up!’s quality is the best out there.  Anything else ends up making the projects I create look cheap or falls apart quickly.

But there are times where Stampin’ Up! does not offer a certain product and that’s when I make suggestions that help my customers save money.

Copyright 2007 Stampaloooza Paper Art Studios

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