Tutorial – Dying Ribbons & Pretties Flowers to Match Stampin’ Up! Colors

As you go through Stampin’ Up!’s beautiful catalog, you will notice that Stampin’ Up! does not offer Pretties Flowers or ribbon for every Stampin’ Up! color.  This is because you can quickly dye your white or very vanilla ribbon/ Pretties Flowers to the color of your cardstock using our wonderful stamp pads or reinkers.

There are two ways to color ribbon:

  • Using the Classic Ink Stamp Pad
  • Using the Classic Ink Reinkers

Directions for using the Classic Ink Stamp Pad Technique:

  • While holding down a pre-cut length of white organdy ribbon or Pretties Flowers on the ink pad with a sponge, gently pull the ribbon with your free hand (or push the pretty flower down on the stamp pad to allow the color to soak in).  As you drag the ribbon through the ink it will dye that color.  The more you drag it through…the darker the ribbon.  Heat set the ribbon for a few minutes using a blow dryer and attach to card.  You now have colored ribbon to match card stocks or inks.
  • This technique works best with the Pretties Flowers and produces the most robust color.

Directions for using the Classic Ink ReInkers Technique:

  • Cut desired length of ribbon or pick out one of your Pretties Flowers.  Take a ziplock bag (it’s less messy!) and put 1-2 tablspoons water in it.  Next place 6-7 drops of the desired Classic Ink ReInker into the bag.  Place your ribbon or Pretties Flowers in the bag and zip lock it shut. Now squish the bag until the ribbon or Pretties Flowers have soaked up the color.  Lastly take ribbon or Pretties Flowers out of bag and heat set.  You now have colored ribbon to match cardstocks or inks.
  • I would recommend that if you are wanting to color both Pretties Flowers and Ribbon, you put both in the bag at the same time.  This way the color will be even and the same for both.

Other Suggestions:

  • I also suggest you wear plastic gloves so that the ink does not get on your hands when you handle the wet ribbon/Pretties Flowers…
  • Add some drops of crystal effects to the Pretties Flower Petals look like dewdrops
  • Outline the edges of the Pretties Flowers with a Stampin’ Up Marker of the same color – Do this after you color the Pretties Flower or Ribbon.
  • Take Ribbon or a Pretties Flower and use a background stamp to stamp an image onto it…. thinking Polka Dot or En Francais or Posy – Do this after you color the Pretties Flower or Ribbon.
  • Try dying embrodery floss and stich a design onto the ribbon or Pretties Flower.

Copyright 2007 Stampaloooza Paper Art Studios

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