Zippered Pockets – Make Your Pages Interactive

I am constantly looking for ideas on how to make my scrapbooks come alive for the person viewing them and one way is to add a pocket on the page that has items inside of it that pose to be unique and fun…

Adding Pockets to a scrapbook page can add that added umph – here’s a quick tutorial on how to make zippered pockets:

Supplies Needed:

  • 102210 Stampin’ Up! Cellophane Bag – You choose size
  • 104332 Stampin’ Up! Snail Adhesive
  • 101406 Stampin’ Up! Stazon – Ink Color of your choice
  • 109256 Stampin’ Up! Stamp Set of your choice (Suggest: Illuminations)
  • Optional – Designer Paper (for background of pocket)
  • Junkitz Linen Zipper – you choose color/size


  • Step 1: Cut Stampin’ Up! Cellophane Bag to size.
  • Step 2: Cut Designer Paper to fit inside Cellophane Bag
  • Step 3: Place cut Designer Paper inside Cellophane Bag.
  • Step 4: Using Stampin’ Up! Snail Adhesive, fasten backside of Stampin’ Up! Cellophane Bag to Scrapbook Page.  (Be creative – can place sideways..etc)
  • Step 5: Using Junkitz Linen Zipper, fasten bottom side of zipper to front top of Stampin’ Up! Cellophane Bag.
  • Step 6: Using Junkitz Linen Zipper, fasten top side of zipper to Scrapbook Page directly above Stampin’ Up! Cellophane Bag opening.
  • Step 7: Using Stampin’ Up! Stampset and Stazon, decorate the pocket on the outside. To be extra creative stamp half on/ half off pocket…
  • Step 8: Using Junkitz Linen Zipper, unzip zipper and place contents inside pocket. – Zip back up or leave partially unzipped for an added effect!
  • Step 9: Enjoy!!!

🙂 Power Tips:

  • For a more sturdy pocket that contains heavier objects, use Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive instead of Stampin’ Up! Snail Adhesive.
  • Add/Make a special zipper pull!
  • Ideas for Pocket Fillings:  Movie/Concert/Theater tickets, lock of hair, first tooth, pictures, favorite clothing tags, coins, journal story… the possibilities are endless!!!
  • Super Idea for Pocket Fillings:  Make a time capsule and place magazine pictures of items that a child enjoyed for that year of their life!  What a neat and organized way to show each year of the child’s life and how they grew!  Follow up with a journal entry on how they enjoyed the objects in the pocket!  Makes for great conversations when the child has children or even as they grow into the teenage years!

Copyright 2007 Stampaloooza Paper Art Studios

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